The Official Version:

Kris Wilber started playing the bass when she was nine. She wanted to play drums, but that was quickly dismissed. Instead, her dad bought her a big plastic bass, which she lugged on and off the school bus all through grammar school. She lugged a full-sized wooden one on and off the school bus through high school. “While I’ve messed around with piano and guitar, the bass is my true love. I love its deep, rich voice. You can feel the bass way down deep in your soul. I’m a true backup musician by nature. My goal is to give the lead players a fuller sound.”

Banshee in the Kitchen shares Kris with the popular regional bluegrass band, Out of the Blue, and The Kern River Band, both based out of the Kern Valley. “Bluegrass and Country has always been a big part of my life. I got my start in Bluegrass Gospel with a group called the Gloryland Express, from Bakersfield. I have always loved Banshee in the Kitchen, and was so excited—and kind of amazed—when they asked me to join them.” When she’s not being coaxed into bands, Kris works as an emergency room nurse in the hospital that serves the Kern River Valley.

Kris Wilber